Checking prices

An invaluable use I’ve found for my phone’s camera is to take pictures of prices to compare with other stores and supermarkets.

There were three supermarkets very close to where I lived, and prices could vary greatly between the three.  For example, a Japanese loaf (about half the length of a UK loaf and usually consisting of 6 or 8 slices – 6 slices mean they were about an inch thick each!) usually sold for ¥99 at Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ, commonly referred to as Donki), but would sell for as much as ¥160 at Ito Yokado (イトーヨーカ堂) which is just across the street.  Well, when I mean street I actually mean four lanes of very busy traffic on National Route 16 (国道16号).

£1 is about ¥125 as of writing, so ¥100 is 80 pence.

You can check out some of the loaves on sale at Ito Yokado here on their online store.

Here are some pictures I dug out of my Japanese phone.

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