Earthquake 2

We just had another large earthquake in Japan (7th April).  I’m currently at home in Sagamihara city, and although it wasn’t particularly powerful where I was (I’ve felt more powerful where I live), it did last a rather long time.  I didn’t time it, but it felt like a good minute and a half – a lot longer than the usual earthquakes I experience here.  No damage done here.  The earthquake hit around 11:35pm where I was.

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2 Responses to Earthquake 2

  1. Sjors says:

    So Japan is still wibbley wobbley country (^o^)/

    I went to a Japanese restaurant this weekend, by the way. No okonomiyaki, but the fried vegetables, including the fried union rings were delicious, like in Machida.

    By the way, you wrote quick. I see this shock was only one hour ago.



  2. ViewJapan says:

    Yes, still a little wobbly. But it always is in Japan. It’s a shame you didn’t experience (or was awake to feel) one when you were in Japan.

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