I went to see The King’s Speech with a friend at the cinema in Ropongi Hills yesterday. I thought it was a lovely film and I highly recommend it.  Afterwards, we went out for dinner at an okonomiyaki restaurant in Shibuya.

I had the Italian okonomiyaki off the special menu, which had tomatoes, salami, vegetables and cheese in it.

After that, we went to a cafe where I had ice cream for dessert.  Notice that it only has one scoop.  I’m still on my diet.

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4 Responses to Okonomiyaki

  1. Sjors says:

    Hi DJ,

    The Okonomiyaki we had in Machida was very tasty. I think I had a special version with bacon and (a lot of) cheese. The Italian version sounds very delicious. I love the combination of salami, tomatoes and cheese. Now I’m hungry!



  2. Sjors says:

    Does a “I [heart] Okonomiyaki” shirt excist?

  3. ViewJapan says:

    Hi Sjors. Sorry, I had a look but could only find these shirts which just have “okonomiyaki” on them.

  4. Sjors says:

    Ha ha DJ,

    I think they look cool, though I can’t read them, like that Niigata Sake shirt I got from Tibiko. Good thing they have XXL. I think that would be my size, as Japanese XL is quite small (about L in Europe and US).

    By the way, I ordered a few bottles sake at a Dutch on-line saké shop. A bit pricy, but one of the bottles is my favorite nigori sake (€9.95 for 30 Cl).

    BTW, Check out 50 Gs tomorrow. I probably post your Okonomiyaki video in an intermezzo and in the main article you might see a familiar background (^o^)



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