Yesterday was a national holiday in Japan (Vernal Equinox Day/春分の日) and I met up with some friends to catch up over lunch.  Actually, it was the first meal of the day, so it was more of a breakfast.  We decided to get some lovely burgers from Village Vanguard Diner.  Mine had an egg, onion ring, bacon and cheese in it.

In the evening, a couple of us went to have dinner.  After having burgers for lunch/breakfast, we decided to have more beef!

A double patty with shredded potato and cheese on top, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.  The meal also came with rice, a small salad (don’t want to spoil your appetite!), and, because it was raining, free refills of consume soup!

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One Response to Stuffed

  1. Kelly H says:

    Good grief! I’m practically having a heart attack just by looking at your photos! :p

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