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Fresh blood

A few shots of my lovely legs.  Mosquitoes absolutely love my blood.  In the space of a few days, I’ve collected over 100 bites on various parts of my body.  This may well be a record.  Well, they do say … Continue reading

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We went to Tesco the other day for a quick look around. Of interest was sweetcorn flavoured ice cream, which I don’t think I’d never seen before, some G-Shocks, and while we were parking, saw this convenience store which looks … Continue reading

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The other day I set out on my holiday to Malaysia.  I had planned to go to England in April as work was going to be quiet, but it turned out that my busy February would be quiet and my … Continue reading

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Fight Club – The Drink!

This drink kicks arse, or so the name of the drink would have us believe.  Or could it be that we are lead into the mysteries of a club where fighting takes place after we partake a little in this … Continue reading

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